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Sapphire advocates bespoke uniform manufacturing solutions to enhance your brand positioning. We are ultimately cognisant of your unique working environment requirements from fabrication, construction, easy care qualities and branding.

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Sapphire typically invests in our clients stock, freeing up your cashbook for your primary business activity. Our SLA’s are highly innovative, mitigate your risk and place the onus on professional stock management. We proudly achieved a 98% DOTIF in 2018 Financial Year.

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e-Commerce platforms are bespoke and built in house. Similarly Sapphire provides all online support services. Bricks and mortar retail boutiques and Event pop-ups are also managed by Sapphire completing a fully vertical omni-channel sales service.

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Our Corporate Solutions are structured to accommodate specific requirements across multiple economic sectors.

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In a competitive market it is critical to ensure every Rand of your Marketing budget is working for you. Sapphire pioneers the difference between Lifestyle merchandise and promotional products. Many unique products are manufactured locally and when imports are required, Sapphire deals directly with access to factories through its sales agents offices’ in the East.

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Sapphire holds more than R 20 million of our Partner clients’ stock. Speed to market is critical. So too is access to stock data for all stakeholders, especially our customers. For this reason, technology plays a big role in our business and who we are. To the extent that we are able to build bespoke mobile Applications for our clients.

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Even with our market leading technology Sapphire Corporate Solutions understands the qualities of a handshake and conducting business face to face. Trust and accountability underlies everything we do. For this reason our dedicated team of National Sales Staff continue to visit each and every customer across South Africa and neighbouring countries.

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We maintain a purposefully decentralised Logistics programme with Warehouses and break-bulk facilities in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. This ensures our speed to market for our customers and more importantly distribution cost efficiencies. Owing to our consistent growth, both warehouses have been upgraded in 2019.

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We have expanded our turnkey service to the Hospitality Industry of our premium category range to meet our clients demands and are pleased to offer the following to the industry.

About Us

Our Core Value Proposition highlights our prowess in crafting bespoke business solutions to deliver value and financial sustainability.

Proudly South African

Highly Qualified Team


Malcolm Herbert

Chief Financial Officer

Malcolm is setting new standards for how corporates can benefit with the implementation of our savings-incentivised procurement programmes. His commitment to evaluate companies’ procurement models is changing the way our clients do business, which results driven by sustainable, repeatable, and quality-based initiatives.


Conrad Engelbrecht

Chief Operating Officer

Conrad knows the ins and outs of effective operation management, and has grown and expanded our service offering in the retail space.  Conrad cut his teeth in the courier logistics business, and has vast experience in this sector. With a wealth of cost-saving implementation knowledge, Conrad oversees our operations at our Johannesburg branch.


Dimape Serenyane

Executive Director

Dimape is our solutions driven strategic marketing extraordinaire! With over 40 years’ experience in agency work, Dimape produces the edge of what makes us unique and highly driven!


Bangu Masisi

Executive Director

Bangu has extensive experience in the international tourism industry as a Director in three continents, in events and media (Radio 702), with a background in marketing and communications. Bangu adds further depth to Sapphire’s solution-driven offering by having managed high-profile international projects such as Nelson Mandela’s first industry meeting as President in 1994 and hosting international radio station guest personalities such as John Fashanu, Jesse Jackson and Larry King. Bangu has also served on several boards, which include the Australia and Netherlands Organisation of Tourism Association, SANEC, Americas International Tourism Countries and as the ICC 2003 Cricket World cup PR Director.


Brendon Bain

Group Business Development

Brendon manages our Group Business Development, and loves assisting corporates to establish their unique uniformity. From the intimate analysis of a business to bespoke uniform design and product development, Brendon has industry knowledge across all business sectors.


Mardi de la Harpe

Sales Manager

Mardi has invaluable experience, having started with Sapphire in 2008.  Her team of Sales Executives and Sales Strategy Managers service our clients throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, always ensuring corporate image compliance, efficient service delivery, and repeat business. Inbound Sales Assistants effectively process any RFQs timeously.


Sean Williams

Sales Strategy Manager

Sean works actively with our brands to develop their corporate identity through promotional events and merchandising supply. An industry expert, Sean’s experience spans decades with Sapphire and our clients.


Darrel Lennox

Warehouse Manager

Darrel actively manages our comprehensive warehousing, packing, and logistics solutions, in conjunction with our highly knowledgeable warehouse team.  Serving Sapphire and our clients for many years, Darrel is incredible at streamlining our logistics solutions.

Sapphire Corporate Solutions has been in business since 1987, and is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor (black ownership: 51.49%, black female ownership: 12.87%), with 180 staff. Our Level 1 B-BBEE score gives our clients a 135% procurement accreditation score, meaning that, for every R1 spent with Sapphire, you can claim R 1.35 back in your procurement spend.

Core Values

What are our CORE values?

Sapphire’s CORE values are the guiding principles that dictate our behaviour and action. Core values assist people to understand right from wrong. They assist companies to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their business goals, and they create an unwavering and unchanging guide.



Act with urgency, work efficiently, and be open to change.


We are accountable for our actions. Take responsibility, and don’t pass the buck!


Show respect towards colleagues, clients, and suppliers. We build open and positive relationships through communication.


Collaborate and Listen! We work together to achieve our goals.


We are true to ourselves, real with our clients, and honest with our colleagues.


Think out-of-the-box! ALWAYS find a solution


Caring for our planet is everyone’s responsibility. Save paper, and don’t print unnecessarily. We recycle whatever we can!

These Sapphire CORE values will help all of us TOGETHER to deliver WOW through SERVICE ALWAYS!

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