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Bespoke Corporate Uniform Programmes

Sapphire Corporate Solutions ensures that its clients receive a fully customised solution designed specifically for their requirements. From the design, style, and branding, which takes into account how best to maximise your logo exposure, to the fabric, which is Pantone-dyed in order to comply with the specifications of your corporate identity, all of our solutions are totally bespoke.

Sapphire Corporate Solutions has a strict stock management process in place for its Corporate Uniform Programmes. This takes the headache out of maintaining adequate stockholding, as we take care of the entire process, from sourcing the fabric from manufacturers across the globe to ensure best price and quality, and to guaranteeing that we have sufficient stock on hand at all times in order to meet your needs. In addition, our stock management process drives down prices, as it is based on a minimum economic order quantity (EOQ) model.

Supply Chain Management

Sapphire Corporate Solutions has a unique service offering for its broad customer base, which covers diverse industries. No matter what industry you are in, or what your specific requirements are, our supply chain management is geared to meet your needs.

Our supply chain is sufficiently flexible for us to be able to gauge what you need, at exactly what point in time. Our internal processes have been honed to such a fine degree to fulfil all standard operating procedures (SOPs). The benefits of our supply chain management are passed on directly to our customers, at no additional cost. It is simply part and parcel of the value that we are able to bring to your business. Our aim is not only to ensure that you have the lowest total cost of ownership at the end of the day, but that we are able to give you access to a range of value-added ancillary services to maximise your branding potential, no matter the type or size of project – the price is what you pay, but value is what you get with Sapphire.

Sapphire Corporate Solutions does not only have customers; they are our strategic business partners. We have long-standing relationships with major Blue Chip companies, from retail to finance, oil and gas, who not only return to us again and again, but refer our services to the rest of their industries. This is because we are not simply a uniform supplier, but a complete solutions provider. We are unique in the comprehensive basket of services we are able to offer, from a single point of contact. Partner with us today!

Our Omnichannel Sales Service connects the dots between all channels, offering customers a seamless experience across all platforms.

With our Event support service: We product design, develop, brand and deliver all your promotional requirements, which includes indoor and outdoor advertising displays!

In conjunction with meticulous compliance of your Brands CI,  across our extensive range of promotional offerings, you can advertise your brand anywhere you choose, generate brand awareness and market your services to a wide audience, with ease!

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As a major player in multiple industry sectors, it is important that employees and customers have a touch and feel of a company’s brand identity. Our Corporate Retail Shopping service means that we can develop a customised retail shop on-site, usually at head office, which provides customers with a unique opportunity to interact with the brand as well.

Images: Nissan Boutique, Nissan Head Office, Rosslyn, South Africa

Not only that, we ensure the staff receive the best value, and offer a special discount within the store, as we have stripped out any additional logistics, administration, and distribution costs incurred normally. We install the point-of-sale technology to deliver a completely seamless retail brand experience.

Images: Ford Your Store, Ford Plant, Silverton, South Africa

We also provide, at NO cost to the client, staff to run the retail store. Our turnaround time is adaptable enough for special items to be on hand for memorable occasions, events, or national holidays. We run special events from the retail store, and develop all marketing and advertising collateral at NO cost to the client.

Images: GTI 40th Event, Pop-up Store

Innovative Saving Solutions

Our Corporate Solution is structured to accommodate the specific requirements across multiple economic sectors.

Complete Uniform & Promotional Solution

Not only can we manufacture uniforms and all attendant marketing collateral for any forecourt, we take care of all the promotional needs for head office as well, from design and fabrication to manufacture, packaging, stock replenishment, and distribution. We also design and procure promotional merchandise across thousands of SKUs, with a bespoke offering as required.

Sapphire is not only able to supply promotional merchandise, but also highly technical uniforms required to adhere to stringent technical and health and safety requirements within each manufacturing plant. While our design team ensures we have the best proficiency in-house, we also have the capability to outsource to specialist manufacturers or experts if need be. From the dealership to head office, we offer a one-stop solution. We have a team of dedicated sales executives that visit each dealership to ensure compliance of the brand CI, and to ensure that our full value chain is offered face-to-face.

Financial services

All of our promotional items are designed to be unique and specific to requirements and specific marketing collateral as required. This means you stand head and shoulders above the rest of the market at all times. Our passion for innovation ensures that every solution we produce, from conception to end product, is bespoke.


Are you a growing corporate with an expansion strategy, but are saddled with old legacy systems hampering your continued development? We have a unique capability to put a customised platform in place to take care of all of your key business products that are not your core expertise, such as stationery needs, from rulers to ticker tape, thermal rolls, in-store carry bags, bubble wrap, etc. Whatever you require, we can manage it for you! This includes high-end solutions such as smartphone- and tablet-enabled apps, and even photo recognition and scanning systems. We can transform your business processes today, and unlock value that you never knew was there. At the same time, we will bring savings to the table that will reflect positively on the bottom line.

Nissan Boutique

Product Design & Bespoke Lifestyle Merchandise

We know and understand how important your brand is to you, and therefore we strive not only to add value to your corporate identity, but to maximise any marketing opportunities that display your brand within your network and wider market.

Our short lead times and quick turnaround means we have the capability to cater for any contingencies as well, giving you peace of mind that your brand is top of mind at all times anywhere it is on show. We protect and preserve your corporate identity as a key brand custodian, paying attention to the finer details that give consistency and repeatable recognition. You can trust Sapphire Corporate Solutions implicitly when you place your brand in our hands.


Sapphire believes that our rapidly changing world has brought much higher expectations and demands in terms of the delivery of service information, and this includes the necessity for our clients to be dealing with immediate and on-demand data which is 100% accurate.

To meet this goal, our solution encompasses the engagement and implementation of the following steps and application development:

Sapphire is in the process of migrating our entire financial system into the cloud, for ease of access, security, and just as simply, the ability to integrate data for ourselves and our clients on a permanent 24/7 basis.

As an example;  Sapphire has developed an App for a  retail client, which allows in-store staff to walk freely around the Retail space, ordering product as is needed with the ease and comfort of a mobile smartphone or tablet, and track orders, along with the entire order history, with orders measured against pre-loaded budgets and regional manager approvals.

Sapphire has also developed a procurement platform within a large corporate space, allowing employees to have credits loaded to their individual online accounts on their work anniversary date, for the purpose of procuring uniform on an annual basis. This system is fully automated and the engagement interface is simplicity itself.

Sapphire has partnered a fully engaged team of developers who are able to implement the vision that we have for each bespoke client website or app, and thus meeting the exact needs of each client, resulting in bespoke and effective tech developments.

In another example, Sapphire has developed an App which allows promotional customer activations to be visible from the instant that they leave our premises, to track parcels, to confirm delivery with signatures, and uploaded PODs. The activation sites are then able to load images of the point of sale in place for review, and are able to request re-orders of promotional consumables for the duration of the event, whilst leaving any feedback pertinent to the activation.

We believe that our clients need to be able to focus on their core business, and let Sapphire handle the rest.

National Sales Footprint

In addition, we conduct weekly or monthly regional office visits. Other benefits include brand protection on bespoke off-the-shelf items, and direct market feedback and confidential audits, as well as Sapphire-funded sales initiatives and incentives, and Sapphire-funded end-of-range promotions – all at NO cost to the client.

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We also offer new product surveys (online), bi-annual network surveys, on-site lifestyle merchandising, guidance and support, promotional event support, and pop-up shops and head office shops. Sapphire Corporate Solutions is able to provide a bespoke full front-office uniform offering.

As part of Sapphire’s contracted solutions, we provide eCommerce portals that allow our clients’ dealer or retail networks to procure branded products and uniforms. ‘Live’ stock integration means that product quantity and location can be viewed easily when ordering online. Management is also provided with monthly website sales reports for full traceability.

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    Operational ‘Muscle’

    Sapphire Corporate Solutions services approximately 5 100 sites on a monthly basis, with over 100 000 deliveries a year. These sites include 2 500 oil & gas, 1 200 retail, 500 automotive, and 900 financial services. Imagine what this efficiency can bring to your own company!

    We offer comprehensive, end-to-end warehousing, packaging, and logistics solutions for our diverse customer base. Our warehousing capabilities encompass warehouse allocation, counting and receipt, ERP, and live stocktake. The advantage here is that our system is paperless, ensuring traceability, as well as being environment-friendly. Our dual warehouse locations in Johannesburg and Cape Town offer a total space of 15 000 m3, with free warehousing for Sapphire-owned stock.

    Our packaging capabilities encompass picking and packing, and a range of specific product packaging requirements. Added to this is our logistics capability, which focuses on door-to-door delivery of client purchases, with the added benefit of free delivery of orders over a defined rand-value threshold and a free proof of delivery (POD) facility.


    We have expanded our turnkey service to the Hospitality Industry of our premium category range to meet our clients demands and are pleased to offer the following to the industry.

    Design, manufacture, branding, gifting, warehousing and logistics to bespoke hospitality essentials. Always ensuring uniformity, it is our pleasure to provide and service your operational requirements in the hospitality industry.

    We design premium bespoke apparel for your:

    • Front Office
    • Housekeeping Staff
    • Kitchen Staff
    • Chef Wear

    Whilst furnishing your establishment with custom made:

    • Branded Gifting Items
    • Pristine Bed linen
    • Towels
    • Napkins
    • Serving Trays

    Live the Brand, Be the Brand, LOVE THE BRAND!

    “Experts in business solutions, bespoke corporate clothing, promotional gifting & operational efficiencies”

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